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General Terms and Conditions of Business for Ticket buyers or event visitors

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§ 1 Scope of this General Terms and Conditions of Business

These General Terms and Conditions of Business apply to the use of our platform for all users, visitors, event participants, etc. (hereinafter referred to as: users). (hereinafter only: users) who are not organizers.

§ 2 Conclusion of contract

  1. The contract is concluded with the organizer specified for the respective event. This contract is not subject to these General Terms and Conditions of Business

  1. We as platform operator are only responsible for the handling of the event via our platform. We carry out the ticket sales on behalf and for the account of the event organizer.

  1. No contractual relationship is established between the users ("visitors") and us.

  1. Claims that could arise for the user from participation in the event are to be directed to the organizer.

§ 3 Behavior on the platform

  1. Both the organizer and we have digital domiciliary rights.

  1. The user is obliged to behave appropriately.

  1. In particular, if there is a chat facility or other opportunities for expression or interactivity on our platform, the user is prohibited:
    1. disrupt the course of the event and the usability of the platform,
    2. obstruct, disturb or harass other users, the organizer or us,
    3. to impede, disturb, harass or annoy other users, the organizer or us,
    4. technische Manipulationen oder Störungen für den reibungslosen Plattform- und Netzbetrieb vorzunehmen oder zu versuchen,
    5. to express, show or distribute inhuman, racist, xenophobic, politically extremist, obscenely offensive or insulting, left-wing or right-wing radical or other radical slogans, signets, logos, items of clothing, etc,
    6. acting in a left-wing or right-wing or other extremist manner, in particular by displaying and using national socialist slogans (§ 86a StGB).

  1. There will be no refund of ticket monies already paid if the user is excluded from the event due to a violation of these regulations.

§ 4 Cancellation or failure of the event

  1. If the organizer cancels his event for a reason for which the user is not responsible or does not carry it out or does not carry it out completely, the user must direct his claims for reversal against the organizer, among others.

  1. The ticket fees will be reimbursed to the user in full in accordance with the following provisions.

  1. For all ticket purchases made within 6 months before the event is canceled (not: before the event), we will reimburse the ticket fees paid on behalf and for the account of the organizer. There may be a time delay, since we request the organizer to reimburse the amounts to be reimbursed and only then forward them to the users once we have received them. We are not responsible for this delay, nor if the organizer does not pay the requested amounts or does not pay them in full.

For all other cases, i.e. if the User purchased his/her ticket e.g. at a presale office or more than 6 months before the cancellation, the User must contact the Organizer directly.

  1. The refund made by us will be made to the account known to us through the payment or to the account that we request from the user by e-mail. If a transfer to the user is not possible within 14 days or within a maximum of two transfer attempts due to missing information or lack of assistance from the user, the user must contact the organizer for further reversal.

The refund will be made by SEPA transfer, as long as we have your name, IBAN and BIC data.

  1. If the organizer only pays us part of the amounts to be repaid, the refund will be made in the following order: The oldest ticket purchases will be refunded first, until the funds available to us have been used up. Otherwise, the claims are to be addressed directly to the organizer.

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